Training in our Hairdressing Salons

Hairdressing at NMIT

train in our professional hairdressing salonsIf you want exciting opportunities in the hairdressing salons of the world, come and sign up for entry into one of the courses run in our professional hairdressing salon. Our hairdressing courses are designed to teach you all the skills required, and more, to be a successful hairdresser.

Hairdressing techniques

Learn to prepare clients, cut hair to a variety of hairstyles and design hairstyles of your own. Our hairdressing courses will include colouring techniques and challenge you with complex colour problems. Become an expert on male and female hairstyle structures and styling techniques. NMIT also teach salon equipment maintenance.

Advanced techniques on offer include full and partial highlighting, chemical straightening and curling and full scalp re-touches with bleach.

Keeping in touch with hairstyle trends

Learn how to keep on top and predict fashion trends. Being an authority on hair fashion will draw customers to you. It is very important to be able to be consistently ahead on the curve. Discover new hairstyles and advise your customers on how to wear their hair to the latest styles. Investigate new products and experiment with their applications to discover new techniques.

Managing hairdressing salons

Study how to run one or more hairdressing salons. Maintaining safe and effective workplaces, communication and small business planning are part of our diplomas. Also, learn to make hair product sales and promote your salons. Be a small business success.

Hairdressing short courses

Short on time? Don’t want to commit to a certificate course or diploma? Our short courses offer an easy opportunity to increase your skills. We often run evening courses so contact us today to book a spot in our next class.

Additional training

Hairdressing salon services involve more than just hair care. Perform massages, design and apply makeup and study the inner workings of the hairdressing industry as a whole.

This is just the start of what we offer. Contact NMIT today for more course information.

The Hairdressing courses are subject to change. Please contact us for the latest course information